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Colombian Emerald Pendant with Convertible Diamond Lariat and Ring

Colombian Emerald Pendant with Convertible Diamond Lariat and Ring



This is our pièce de résistance, featuring an antique 5.57 Colombian Emerald from Poli Trading Co., certified AGL insignificant treatment. This emerald is cut in an antique cutting style with a large footprint (it looks closer to the scale of a 7-8 carat emerald). Few emeralds of this size have the color or clarity to support this type of cut. Master goldsmith Kate Lee Short hand-fabricated this piece as a pendant with step cut diamonds on the pendant's profile, which can be worn alone or convert to two other pieces. 

The first conversion is the emerald pendant with a diamond lariat. The diamond is a vintage shield cut diamond of 1.52 carats, and certified D color and internally flawless (IF) clarity. This diamond can also be worn separately as a platinum solitaire ring. 

The skill to create a piece of this quality and complexity is rarely possible in contemporary jewelry. Each mechanism is finely wrought by hand. You will never see another; it is truly one-of-a-kind.

Colombian emerald: antique emerald cut, AGL certified insignificant treatment. Dimensions: 14.33 x 11.07 x 3.9 mm. 

Shield diamond: vintage, 1.51 carats, certified D/IF.

The diamonds that surround the emerald pendant are vintage step cut shaped, of over two carats in total weight, and are FG/VS quality. 

The collection of jewels comes in a custom made Italian box, which includes the bronze tool which functions as a key, necessary to convert the jewels. 

Image on male model is of, and from, Levi Higgs, in addition to the image of the emerald pendant on hand, and with leaf in the backdrop.