What Story is Your Jewelry Telling?

Every gem and pearl carries a unique story.

How does a brilliant piece of jewelry come to be? What countries did the gold and diamond come from? How were the materials mined and sourced? Who cut the stone and cast the metal?

The answers reveal a complex story of people, politics, trade, and the environment. Too often, the stories behind our jewelry involve corruption, exploitation, and environmental destruction. Yet most of us never pause to consider the journey of our gems.

Thesis Gems is Telling a New Story.

We believe that people and the environment are more valuable than any gem. That’s why Thesis seeks sources that are committed to the responsible treatment of workers and the land. We are not afraid to ask important questions about labor practices and environmental impact and seek hard evidence. We also donate widely to national and international environmental and human rights non-profit organizations.

Our partnerships work to ensure that your jewelry is made with integrity, from the time your gem is liberated from the earth in Colombia, Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, or Canada, to the time it is crafted into a finished heirloom by our goldsmiths in the San Francisco Bay Area or London.

When you wear Thesis Jewelry, you wear a story you can be proud to share.

Cate Claus, Founder

I took a circuitous path to gems and jewelry.

A practicing pediatrician with a background in science, I became fascinated by the role of gems and jewelry in culture.  They are truly at the intersection of art, nature, and history. 

The more I learned, the more challenging it became to find gems and jewelry that I felt proud to buy and wear. I wanted to know where my gems came from, how they were mined, and how the miners and environment were treated. But the journey of each gem was rarely traceable.

I founded Thesis Gems and Jewelry to answer these questions and to give others a source for precious jewelry they can love without reservation.

My promise is to provide jewelry that lasts lifetimes and helps build a more just and resilient future for our planet.