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Invest in jewelry that you believe in

We believe that people and the environment are more valuable than any gem. We are fully transparent; the scaffolding for ethical practices. And we donate 1% of our gross sales to organizations fighting to conserve and defend our planet. That's our thesis. Guaranteed forever.

Make it your own

the·sis | a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved

"My pendant is a piece I will cherish. Thesis created a stunning custom pendant for me using elements from a sentimental necklace that once belonged to my Grandmother. The piece feels so great when I put it on." - Elisa L.

"From the thoughtful packaging to the stunning ruby inside, my necklace from Thesis has become my most cherished piece of jewelry. I wear it every day- it has become a part of me!" -Suzanne B.

The process

Let jewelry symbolize something powerful for you- and wear it every day

We wish you a year of love- not only for others but also for yourself. Express gratitude for what you've learned. We invite you to celebrate your failures as opportunities for growth, and to honor your understanding. Choose jewelry for yourself this year.