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Sources: Pearls

Kasumi Pearls

We source our Japanese freshwater Kasumi pearls from Kojima Pearl Company. Kasumi pearls offer an incredible natural spectrum of colors without treatments or dyeing. These pearls have a particularly sweet story that illustrates the collaboration we can have with our environment when we understand nature.

Grown in a freshwater delta, Kojima pearls have spearheaded efforts to rehabilitate the freshwater ecosystem to ensure its health for many years to come.

Sea of Cortez (Perlas del Mar de Cortez) South Sea Pearls

Thesis Gems Sea of Cortez Pearls - pearl in shell Thesis Gems Sea of Cortez Pearls - farming racks Thesis Gems Sea of Cortez Pearls - Bay View

The rare Perlas del Mar de Cortez pearl has a vivid history which begins when the Spanish conquistadors invaded Mexico in 1519. Today, the Sea of Cortez pearl farm in Guyamas, Mexico is the only cultured saltwater pearl farm in North and South America, and the only farm in the world utilizing a winged pearl oyster.

These pearls are cultivated in Bacochibampo Bay in the Gulf of California, an area where mollusks were once severely depleted but now thrive after careful restoration efforts.

Perlas del Mar de Cortez pearls occur naturally in a spectrum of colors including pink, grey, gold, green, and black. Produced in precious, limited quantities using fair labor practices, this pearl qualifies as a fair trade gem — the only cultured pearl to do so.

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