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Sources: Diamonds

Thesis Gems - Pink Diamond

Every diamond sourced by Thesis is 100% traceable. Our first choice for diamonds is using diamonds that are not newly mined- when a diamond is true antique and can be honored in one of our bespoke creations. We also use vintage diamonds (post 1940's) that are chipped, or scratched, and then re-cut. We source our antique and vintage diamonds from Perpetuum Jewels and antique diamonds from Poli Trading Company. Perpetuum Jewels is certified by SCS Global Services as a Certified Responsible Source and for 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Gemstones, offering environmentally sustainable alternatives to newly-mined stones. Canadian diamonds are mined in the Canadian North under strict standards established by the Canadian Code of Conduct and the Government of the Northwest Territories. These standards protect the Arctic environment, mine workers, and local employees while ensuring diamonds of superlative quality.


Interview with Jared Holstein, owner of Perpetuum Jewels- April 2019


What is your favorite gemstone? Why?

You’re not allowed to pick a favorite child! Favorite children: Spinel (a true cobalt is my Eleanor), corundum, tourmaline. Why do I love them? The heart wants what it wants, I tend to make the most irrational purchases of these juicy, metallic crystals.

Proudest moment in the industry?

Is yet to come! When our conversations around jewelry material selection is limited to discussing which are doing the most good rather than the least harm.

What is the best investment in jewelry?

If we are speaking of investment in happiness, jewelry is portable power. The best investments are those pieces that speak, move you and bring you joy, that you imbue with emotion or importance, and importantly, will stand the test of time so that they’ll bring others happiness as well.

What is ethical jewelry?

That depends on your definition of ethical; to me, a piece of ethical jewelry can result from endeavoring (with a curious mind, insistent voice and a general vengeance) to create positive impacts and mitigate negative impacts at every step in the journey of its creation, from component material extraction through processing, fabrication and sale.

If you had $20,000 to spend from Thesis G&J, what would you buy?

 I love the secret flash ring, so a four-finger first full of beauty?

Are your feet the same size? Definitively not, and moving sideways.

What food would you not, under any circumstances, eat?

Dog, which I know is slightly irrational and culturally relative, but they are among the best people I know.






GIA Guide to diamond quality

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